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Brighten your smile with Professional Teeth Whitening from Berners Dental Practice. Plus - get a £55 discount when presenting our downloadable voucher!

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Permanently replace 1, or more, missing teeth or denture(s) with titanium screws placed into the jaw and crowns (caps) fitted to improve your smile and oral health.

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Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening at Berners Dental Practice

Our qualified dentists can whiten your teeth professionally. Whitening is totally safe and guarantees long lasting results in just 2 weeks.

You will be required to attend for an assessment before whitening - this may incur extra fees. If you are not suitable whitening will be refused.

Some people (about 10%) notice some sensitivity of their teeth during whitening and this can be reduced by wearing the mouth-tray every other night. This will then take twice as long to obtain the same result.

Whitened teeth will slowly revert back to their original shade (but never any darker than the original). You can always "Top-Up" your whitening using your custom made mouth-tray. You can purchase extra whitening gel from us.

Whitening will not change the shade of existing fillings, crowns (caps) or veneers.

Teeth Whitening will improve your smile - it may not improve your lifestyle.

Note: Whitening is cosmetic treatment and must be paid for privately.

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